How to protect WordPress login against Brute Force attack for customers on Linux Plesk VPS ?

Plesk is a well-known web solution for the operation of the control panel which is gradually becoming the preferred option for the organisations hosted by a web server. It provides distinctive features to the webmasters so that taking care of any websites comes out to be at ease. The configuration and application are simplified in execution which in turn fetches the host providers to carry on the virtual dedicated hosts to operate on a single machine with not many [...]


Cloud and Host Server Security: Tips and Tricks to ensure safety

The number of cloud users is increasing year after year. For a safe and secure storage, cloud server has become an eminent option to keep the information intact and safe. Emails are rarely chosen these days to send a bunch of photos or usages of USB or flash drives has also become rare to carry documents. The question of security of servers arises in the case of both whether the servers are physically hosted or virtually kept. Few tips and tricks [...]


Security concerns of 2FA for WordPress Site

2-factor authentication can also be denoted as 2FA.To provide an extra layer of security also known as multi-level authentication is done that not only requires a username and password but also one more piece of security which only a user can be bounded to possess. In simple words, it is a two-step verification in which the user has to provide information with respect to who they are so that the reliability is granted. The dependency is of two types of [...]


How To Install and Configure a Postfix Mail Server

Introduction Postfix is a prevalent open-source Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) that can be utilized to course and convey email on a Linux framework. It is evaluated that around 25% of open mail servers on the web run Postfix. Essentials  Keeping in mind the end goal to take after this guide, you ought to approach a non-root client with sudo benefits. You can take after our Ubuntu 16.04 beginning server setup manual for make the fundamental client. So as to legitimately design Postfix, you [...]


Amazon Cloud Advantages

If you`re considering making the move to the cloud, then you`re among the thousands of organizations and businesses this year which are in the process of, or are considering moving off-premise. Amazon Web Services is the market leader in Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas), and cloud computing and has continuously gained momentum by providing the latest in cloud technologies and attracting major corporations such as Netflix, Adobe, and Salesforce. With its amazing wide array of products, Amazon Web Service is [...]


The Ins and Outs Of Exim Mail Server

Let’s start with the obvious fact; communicating through electronic mail has become a fundamental part of our lives. To send an email from any device, you have to connect to the internet, and then open an email application like Gmail, which connects to your mail server. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is the standard protocol used to send emails. Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP) server and Post Office Protocol (POP3) server are used to receive emails. IMAP has a [...]


The Importance of Logical Volume Management

LVM is a concept that is still debated at many IT forums and by computer enthusiasts worldwide, so throughout this post, we’re going to go over the concept, as well as analyze some other concepts like virtualization, Oracle monitoring, MySQL monitoring and database performance monitoring as well. Defining LVM: Logical Volume Management Definition When it comes to computer storage, Logical Volume Management is a method that allows for the allocation of space on devices that is far more versatile than the [...]


Best Linux server performance tools – top, atop and iotop

Monitoring server’s performance is today well known topic being discussed around the world and the idea behind monitoring server’s performance is to check the servers Stability, Performance Speed and Scalability. The information collected with various monitoring tools helps to identify and detect potential resource usage like CPU Usage, RAM usage and Disk I/O usage. Today i am going to show you some different and important Linux server performance tools like top, atop and iotop which are similar in many [...]


Microsoft SQL Server vs MySQL Server

Technology on the back-end side of computing has undergone a massive transformation over the last couple of years. This transformation has been a reflection of a similar trend in the front-end side. Server technologies in particular have completely come of age in the 21st century. In the recent past, there were not many options to choose from when it came to considering the type of server software that would be used in an organization. Today, however, software has really improved [...]


Comparison of CPanel vs Plesk vs DirectAdmin

cPanel A UNIX based web hosting control panel, that simplifies web we hosting through automation tools and consumer interface. CPanel has a capability to paintings as virtual private server or as a dedicated server. CPanel is brief for manage panel that is a software application mounted for your net hosts server to offer clean management of your server area and packages. CPanel simplifies many commonplace website administration obligations which include database, website report and e mail account management with an intuitive [...]