cPanel Server Security  $39.99 One Time Order Now

Server Security Features

Applying Security Services on server is very important , security protects your servers from hacking threats of various kinds of malwares, spywares, virus insertion and DDoS attacks. Sign-up now for our cpanel server security services. We assure you providing top quality security services on various platforms like CentOS, CloudLinux and Red-Hat.

Estimated Analysis and Completion Time

  • Within 8 to 10 hours
  • Reviewing the server and sites after security applied
  • Free Three Days Support after security applied

Security Software Installations

  • Complete Cpanel server setup, Initial Investigations
  • CSF or APF Firewall ( You can let us know via Ticket)
  • Installing Mod-Security with Advanced Rules
  • Installing ClamAV Anti Virus (Integrating Exim)
  • Installing Maldet ( Malicious Code Removal Software )
  • Installing LSM ( Linux Socket Monitor ) – Optional
  • Installing PRM ( Process Resource Monitor ) – Optional

System Optimization and Hardening

  • Lockdown & Hardening the Root Password
  • Secure SSHD Port
  • sysctl.conf Hardening
  • host.conf Hardening
  • Network Security with hosts.allow & hosts.deny
  • nsswitch.conf Hardening
  • Enable DDoS Protection
  • Root Login Email Notifications
  • Noexec, Nosuid Temporary Directories (noexec Directories such as /tmp, /var/tmp, /dev/shm)
  • Security Updates as released by OS and/or Control Panel

3rd Party Software Installation ( Optional )

  • Fantastico, RVSkin, ClamAV, Zend Optimizer, IonCube, FFMPEG, FFMPEG-PHP, RED5 etc.

Securing Services

  • Disable Unwanted Services
  • Securing DNS
  • Securing MySQL
  • Enable PHP Open_Basedir Protection
  • Enable mod_userdir Protection
  • Securing Console Access
  • PHP5 Hardening (Only, No PHP4)
  • Configuring Anti-Spam Features to Reduce Spam ( Enable RBL ACLs, SPF Protection, & Spam Assassin Configurations )

Service Optimizations

  • Tweaking and Optimizing Apache2.2
  • LiteSpeed Installation and Configurations
  • Exim Mail Services Optimization
  • PHP5 Optimization ( Installing XCache or EAccelerator )
  • MySQL Optimization ( INNODB and MYISAM Settings )

Server Log Analysis

  • Monitoring the Server Logs for Hack Related Incidents
  • Trouble Shooting Issues Reported with Logs

Disaster Recovery & Hack Recovery

  • If your server is under spam, DDoS attack or hacked with external scripts under /tmp, We will investigate and fix the issue.
  • Note: Additional charges applied for recovering or restoring all the Index Hacked Pages back on the server.