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Welcome to 24x7servermanagement, a flagship brand under Geeks Solutions – 27001 Certified Company and India’s leading Managed Service Provider. Our core mission is to provide top-notch technical support and outsourcing staffing services to clients worldwide. With a relentless focus on delivering cost-effective and timely solutions, we boast a team of highly qualified professionals and cutting-edge infrastructure.

Client Centric Excellence

Our Commitment:

At 24x7servermanagement, we prioritize your needs, offering round-the-clock assistance through ticket and chat support. Our client-centric approach is flexible, practical, and geared towards fostering long-lasting relationships. Since our inception in 2003, we have evolved from providing network-design services to becoming a one-stop solution for end-to-end e-business needs.

Global Reach

Diverse Industries:

Our extensive client list spans industries, including small businesses, software, manufacturing, banking, finance, media, hospitality, education, telecom, and government institutions. We adapt our expertise to various service types—Web Hosting, Dedicated, Shared, Virtualized, and Application Servers, DevOps, Kubernetes, SOC—ensuring that our technical support aligns seamlessly with your unique requirements.

Why Choose 24x7servermanagement?

Proven Infrastructure:
With over 2000+ managed servers, we boast a state-of-the-art technical support center that ensures the reliability and performance of your IT environment.
Client Satisfaction: (Read our Clients Feedback)
Our track record speaks for itself with a 100% client satisfaction rate. We go beyond industry standards to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients, ensuring their peace of mind and business success.
Certified Tech Experts:
Our team holds international certifications, offering expertise in Linux, Windows, DevOps, Kubernetes, and Security environments.
Security First:
As an ISO 27001 Certified company, we prioritize the security of your digital assets. Benefit from our proactive security measures and stay ahead of potential risks, safeguarding your data and online presence.
Unmatched Support:
We take pride in our swift responses, proactive monitoring, and genuine 24x7x365 support. From routine queries to critical issues, our team is always ready to ensure your systems operate seamlessly.
Continuous Improvement:
We are committed to continuous improvement, staying abreast of the latest technological advancements and industry best practices.

Our Road-Map

2003 - 2009: The Inception
2010 - 2016: Expanding Horizons
2017 - 2019: Scaling New Heights
2020 - 2022: Navigating the Pandemic Crisis
2023 - Present: Embracing New Horizons
24x7servermanagement embarked on its journey in 2003 as an independent business headquartered in the vibrant city of Nashik, India by Mr. Inderjit Singh.
It all began with a small, passionate team of web hosting experts, united by a common goal: to provide round-the-clock technical support services for cPanel, Plesk, and virtualized servers.
This early phase laid the foundation for what would become a remarkable story of growth and innovation.
As we moved forward, our focus shifted towards serving end-users. With a dedicated team of 18 skilled engineers, we embarked on the path of offering core services, including 24×7 Server Management, Server Monitoring, and Security Solutions.
With a growing team of 40+ professionals, we took on the responsibility of managing over 1000+ servers for clients worldwide.
This period marked a significant evolution and the nurturing of strong client relationships.
In 2017, 24x7servermanagement brand of Geeks Solutions achieved a milestone by partnering with AWS (Amazon Web Services) as a Consulting Partner. This collaboration expanded our service portfolio significantly. Subsequently, we aimed to provide 24×7 Cloud Consulting, DevOps, Kubernetes, Micro-services, and Managed Services to cloud users.

Our team’s dedication and commitment reflected brightly when we received the honor of “Best Small Managed Service Provider (MSP)” in recognition of our team’s unwavering efforts. They have undergone extensive training and have worked tirelessly over an extended period to ensure that we consistently meet and exceed the needs of our esteemed customers.
In the midst of the pandemic’s turbulence from 2020 to 2022, we faced a pivotal moment in its journey. With a roster of enterprise customers relying on our services to drive their businesses forward, the sudden onset of lockdowns cast an uncertain shadow over the traditional office setup. In a matter of days, office doors closed, and businesses had to adapt rapidly to this new reality.

Fueled by a commitment to our customers and a dedication to relentless support, we sprang into action. Urgent arrangements were made to equip employees with the necessary tools and resources, transforming homes into seamless workspaces. Our primary objective was crystal clear: ensure that our employees remained accessible and prepared to support our customers’ businesses 24×7.

During this challenging period, our unwavering dedication bore fruit. Our customers, ranging from established enterprises to emerging startups, found solace in our exceptional support.
From 2023 onward, Geeks Solutions embarked on a journey marked by innovation and growth. With offices buzzing again, we welcomed substantial customer growth and proudly earned ISO 27001 certification from TÜV SÜD, reaffirming our commitment to data security.
Venturing into the fintech industry, we provided 24×7 DevOps services, empowering enterprises to deliver their solutions faster. We embraced cutting-edge technologies like Kubernetes, microservices, and CICD automation, helping software development companies accelerate their product delivery on AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud platforms.

Our newly formed Security Operation Center (SOC) stands as a fortress of round-the-clock security support for SMEs and enterprise clients. Through strategic partnerships with OVHcloud and Equinix Datacenters, we’ve expanded our global footprint, offering local support and solutions worldwide.

In this era, 24x7servermanagement is all about innovation, growth, and unwavering dedication to our customers and partners. Our vision remains resolute: to be a technology and service leader, empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age

Geeks Solutions: A Debt-Free, Reliable Partner

As a debt-free company, Geeks Solutions invests in modern, reliable infrastructure to ensure seamless operations 24x7x365.
Our facilities are designed to eliminate downtime, providing an uninterrupted service experience.

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