Load Balancing and High availability

Haproxy Load Balancing and High availability

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A Reliable solution for High Availability Applications.

What is Haproxy Load Balancing ?

HAProxy can also be referred to as High Availability Proxy. Enterprises with high traffic websites and applications need high availability on a 24×7 basis. Sudden exposure to heavy traffic spikes can render sites and applications to go down frequently causing greater downtime and loss in business processes. Haproxy Load Balancing is a free high available open-source proxy solution to achieve greater availability and load balancing. It can achieve this goal by spreading the workload across several servers such as A database, application, the web, and just to mention a few. HAProxy is primarily used in several high-profile areas, including Twitter, Instagram, Imgur and GitHub.

Enterprises and technology vendors are using this cost-effective solution for TCP/HTTP based applications for Linux based Servers. Haproxy Balancing is a highly recommended solution for traffic distribution across server farms to optimize and maximize performance & redundancy. Haproxy Clustering integrates into existing architecture for various operating systems such as Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD and lots more.



What we do ?

Our experts assist clients to deploy and configure the Haproxy load balancing setup across a couple of web servers in a clustered setting. An easy to use admin panel delivers an equitable algorithm for load balancing as well as generating a statistics report. We also include site & MySQL data replication across a multitude of servers in a clustered configuration for a rock-solid fail-over solution.

A minimum of 2 servers with a combination of an one ordinary server as well as secondary high configured hardware nodes, a VT enabled processor along with 5 or more IP’s and a hypervisor to virtualize the VM clusters for heavy website traffic spikes and storage requirements.

We are capable of handling Linux load balancing servers for various business collateral’s such as e-commerce applications, Web hosting , Domain name servers, education, CMS, banking finance, real estates, and a plethora of other applications. Our team can handle lightweight to enterprise deployments be it on the amazon cloud or on-premises with high up time.

Haproxy Load Balancing features

Single process event-driven model:
Improves processing performance and memory usage.
Proactive Event Checker:
Event checking to detect events and connections in a clustered environment.
No data-copying during read and write cycles saves CPU cycles and memory bandwidth.
Work Factoring:
Distributes the load among various processes for optimized performance.
Enhanced Session Rate & high data forwarding:
Equal distribution of requests with load balancing and packet switching for optimized data forwarding.
Highly Reliable & Secure:
High availability for heavy traffic sites, applications, & environments for critical usage. Stringent Intrusion algorithms to keep mission-critical data safe & secure.

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