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I am their customer since March 2010, it all started with a server down, difficult to repair and my previous server management company simply could not handle the issue, I started a thread at webhostingtalk and 24×7 people suggested a solution, I hired them and since then I never look back, months and months pass that I never need them, their work behind the scenes is enough to keep everything going well, sometimes there is an emergency, like yesterday, I was without internet for 3 days! and one server went down, working through phone messages 24×7 Chief worked with me to contact the datacenter repair the issue and fix everything, including ready to contact my customers with an update while I was offline and my other service personnel were out of the loop. From the very bottom of my heart.
Thank you very much.
Paul Santos Hosting Marketers

Paul Santos

Paul SantosCEO & Founder - Hosting Marketers

Let me tell you about my experience with this company. I started a webhosting business about two years ago. In that two years, I grew from just a few friends to over 70 clients (I know thats not saying much). But anyways, I found that the server management stuff while trying to run my dedicated server was pretty hard and daunting task (since I was not doing it full time). I got on webhostingtalk and I was looking for an experienced group to manage the server aspect for me. Not only did I find 24/7 server management. I also found that they could do my live chat, and ticket support system. I have now been with them since 06/27/2016, and inspite of some frustrations (not with them but with the client) they have helped me vastly along the way. The team over their is absolutely amazing, very responsive and very patient to help in a dire situation. I am glad that Iam using them and will be upgrading from the webhost package to a semi dedicated package in the near future if they continue down the line that they have proved to me:)

Jake Hudson

Jake HudsonCEO & Founder - Haste Hosting

Dear Sir i have more Than 3 years using 24x7serverm and all time have a great support from your team, Thanks Bernys E Valdez

Bernys E Valdez

Bernys E ValdezCPM Rocket - Domingo Faustino Sarmiento

Hi Guys, I wanted to inform you that I’ve been very pleased with your services and it has helped our company to grow a lot. Thanks again and best of luck.

Jaspert Beenen

Jaspert BeenenCEO & Founder - Wonderfull Web BV

I signed up for pro-active server management plan and was very satisfied with the technical abilities and problem solving skills of the team, Though after two months i not using the server anymore i will highly recommend these guys.

Henrik Sjostrom (Leadcap Digital AB)

Henrik Sjostrom (Leadcap Digital AB)

Thanks for the good services you had provided . We Changed to a new host that is providing us with a full managed hosting if we need any more help we will look for you. Thanks

Chris Curtis

Chris CurtisCEO & Founder - Chris-Curtis.com

Great example of what good customer service should be” I had some issues with my website but prompt and decisive action by Mr. Arun Pingale was above and beyond the call of duty and was much appreciated. The Best Dedicated Management Server in the Market. Thanks you.

Roberto Esposito

Roberto EspositoCPM Rocket - info@pornologo.com, pornologo.com

We had a few problem with one of our servers which effected a great number of customers, 24x7servermanagement worked around the clock to fix our issues and managed to due so quickly and efficiently. We would recommend them to anyone. Great work!!

Jim Russell

Jim RussellCEO & Founder - andihosting.com

You guys offer a good service, very impressed…

Will be checking with you on additional services that you may be able to either outsource/subcontract before anyone else…

Best regards-Jono

Jonathan Fennell

Jonathan FennellCPM Rocket - jono@propertybook.co.zw, Propertybook

Thank you for your interest also apologize for my english is bad. Technical support your team, I was very satisfied with the interest shown. Service you offer, I feel more confident. I believe that more work at a later time. Thank you very much for your first class service. Really thank you very much for your attention.

S.Yasir AKEL

S.Yasir AKELCEO & Founder - Nixron Cloud Hosting

I’m sending this to extend our appreciation to the whole team at 24X7servermanagment.

It was pleasant to work with everyone and highly appreciated your Hard work, Promote responses, and patience you take to understand our requirements.

Nalin Herath
BenWorldwide UPAY

Nalin Herath

Nalin HerathCPM Rocket - BenWorldwide UPAY

I would like to congratulate the team’s efforts, especially Mr. Santosh, who was able to successfully migrate the database.
We are very satisfied with the services provided.
Congratulations to your team
Thank you

Paulo Marangon

Paulo MarangonCEO & Founder - Nixron Cloud Hosting

I’m really very happy with your help its working now, Very much thanks for your help, I will use your services other times..

Pedro Raja

Pedro RajaCPM Rocket - sys4net.com

They Thanks for everything Well at least I know who to use when I build another system, Will recommend you to others you rock!!


JeffCEO & Founder - heavenlyhost.net

I thank you for your help and attention once more, I am again very happy with the 24x7servermanagement.com .

Germano Ferreira

Germano FerreiraCPM Rocket - Top Hospedagem Ltd

Thanks very much I greatly appreciate your companies services. Its better then all the companies I have worked with combined by a long shot, some of the American companies have a lot to learn when it comes to customer service. Your company has skill, and great customer service.

Marc Ledder

Marc LedderCEO & Founder - AOK Inc.

I just wanted to thank the entire team for the great support !! I am very happy to be you client. Please forward my compliments to everybody !

Christoph Nagele

Christoph NageleCPM Rocket - quadracor.com

Our present server management provider offered very little server maintenance options so we choose your company, I am happy that I made the right decision and look forward working with your company.

Cortney Murphy

Cortney MurphyCEO & Founder - snagaride.com

Your Support Was Very Good and I will continue using it on event basis- Thank you.

Humberto Atristain

Humberto AtristainCPM Rocket - megahospedaje.com

I’ve been impressed with your company and how you’ve helped recently. Great work!

Nasser Ahmed

Nasser AhmedCEO & Founder - ProphetHost

Thanks for this lovely and great support, everything is brilliant thanks again for all your efforts.

Anas Kamel

Anas KamelCPM Rocket - host4uae.net

I am very impressed with your level of service and skills. Thank you.

James Karban

James KarbanCEO & Founder - jameskarban.com

You are the best, and I want you to please forward this message to the manager or owner regarding your entire team: I have tried top providers along with others, and I can honestly say that you guys are by far the best. I really appreciate the effort of the entire team and I will add more servers with you even though I don’t really need them at the moment 🙂
Keep up the good work !!


StavrinosCPM Rocket - teenmomjunkies.com

I just wanted to let you know how HUGELY impressed I have been with your server management service. Your response times to my many support tickets have been exceptional and your support team handling the issues are absolutely first-class. Nothing is too much trouble for them. Signing up to 24×7 has been a tremendous investment for our company and has already been a ‘life-saver’ on several occasions so far.Keep up the fantastic work! “

Neil Maxwell-Keys

Neil Maxwell-KeysCEO & Founder - digitalsea.uk.com

You’ve done a fantastic job, I appreciate all the work you’ve done, and have given you good reviews on WHT. Thank you!
Keep up the good work !!

Stephen Beliveau

Stephen BeliveauCPM Rocket - teenmomjunkies.com

Thanks again, your team is great!!! I am telling everybody about your company.. I hope it generates business for you..

Mister Omega

Mister OmegaCEO & Founder - Mister Omega LLC - US

Thank you very much for rendering the Emgerncy support, considering the need and without waiting for the Payment. Thank you very much. I am absolutely impressed with the service.

Linu Thankachan

Linu ThankachanCPM Rocket - Bethel Web Hosting Solutions

Thanks for the good services you had provided . We Changed to a new host that is providing us with a full managed hosting if we need any more help we will look for you. Thanks

Ricardo Nicolas

Ricardo NicolasCEO & Founder - Ricardo Nicolas de Paz Bruun

I love your service and will continue it in the future , Your guys are fast knowledgeable and efficient , I’ve used a lot of services and your it hands down.

Andrew Morgan

Andrew MorganCPM Rocket - UserShare

Dear 24×7,
I wanted to take this opportunity to email you to say how impressed I am with the level out what is outstanding and first class service. To have the assurance that our VPS server is being looked after 24/7 is fantastic you’re reply are always fast and as soon as I issue is found this is soon sorted and everything is back I do not know what other I can say about your company other than thank you for everything you have a first class team and it is a pleasure to work with you

Jim McDonald

Jim McDonaldCEO & Founder - zenithonlinesolutions.co.uk

I resorted to services of company 24x7servermanagement as a result of recommendations received from cPanel. I had a more complex issue (setting up a controller RAID hardware) that normally was not included in a standard installation / management server. 24x7servermanagement managed to install and configure my hardware controller and then handled the server security. They responded very quickly to my requests (sometimes within a few minutes) and managed to solve all the problems. Thank You 24x7servermanagement !

Nicu Barbu

Nicu BarbuCPM Rocket - www.webmasternico.fr

Wish You all a very Happy&Prosperous GudiPadva! Especially wish Jayant, Arun and Santosh from our side who’s help and assistance have been invaluable.You guys Rock!! I really love 24x7servermanagement.

K Nandu

K NanduCEO & Founder - Client360 Cloud Enterprises

The experts at 24×7 were friendly & extremely knowledgeable. The service I ordered was ready within a few days and works absolutely wonderfully, with a detailed documentation and fast support – will be back!

Robert Duncan Grant

Robert Duncan GrantCEO & Founder - HostLegend

This is jeya prakash from JP Software Solutions. Actually 24x7server management company I find this company in Google. Last 1 year am getting touch with him. Whenever my server problem I will contact 24×7 server management company. they are solving the issues immediately.

If the issues not in the server. they find it the pro then where. they will escalate the issues immediately. So Who are running hosting company in the world. All guys touch with 24×7 server management company.

They help Us immediately. their staff available 24×7 a day. Their staffs all guys are very knowledge person.

Jeya Prakash

Jeya PrakashCEO & Founder - jpss.in

Thanks for the good services you had provided . We Changed to a new host that is providing us with a full managed hosting if we need any more help we will look for you. Thanks

Ricardo Nicolas

Ricardo NicolasCEO & Founder - Ricardo Nicolas de Paz Bruun

You’ve done a fantastic job, I appreciate all the work you’ve done, and have given you good reviews on WHT. Thank you!
Keep up the good work !!

Stephen Beliveau

Stephen BeliveauCEO & Founder - teenmomjunkies.com

Arun Pingale You are not Human.

I have 2 days I can not sleep thanks to you I will do now. You guys @24x7servermanagement rock.

Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!!

Jean Ronald

Jean RonaldCEO & Founder - Tertulien ( SiteGenial.com )

Excellent service with Solusvm server management plan thank you!
we will be back:)

Todd Reagor

Todd ReagorCEO & Founder - Reagormedia

Thanks for the great work you did much appreciated. I expect great service form you in the future too.

Avijit Banerjee

Avijit BanerjeeCEO & Founder - Planetweb

Thank you for the opportunity to meet you and the excellent professionals who have solved all the problems that have happened during this time. Who knows at another opportunity can tell you again.Thankful for everything.

Luiz Claudio Marques

Luiz Claudio MarquesCEO & Founder - PORTAL TOPGYN

Hello, thanks for the great service, but for the moment we can not continue to use your service, surely in the future if needed we will be able to use your excellent service.
Good day.

Lanfranco Belfiglio

Lanfranco BelfiglioCEO & Founder - Xlogic SAS

Good support, Really feels friendly, Thanks again, Good days ahead

Mohammed Aadil

Mohammed Aadilifelse Technologies

Dear Sir Thank you very very much Your support was excellent. I am happy that i have chosen 24x7servermanagement as my managed service provider. Regards – Sarah Begum

Sarah Begum

Sarah BegumCPM Rocket - sarahbegum22@yahoo.co.uk

Very Impressed with your professional and organised set-up.

Cheers n happŸness

Manak Singh

Manak SinghCo-Founder & Chief Imagineer - Ÿonomy - Young Earning Economy