VMware Server Management

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VMWare Server Management – Centralized virtualization solutions for your server repositories.

Billions of gigabytes of data and information are hosted on servers every day. Repositories need huge amount of capacity to store this mission-critical data. Physical servers need to be partitioned into multiple virtual machines with state-of-the-art virtualization technology. VMware Server Management is at the forefront of platform virtualization for data centres. VMware servers at can be managed from a single dashboard for Windows and Linux Servers. VMware technology can support any x86 hardware and various operating systems.

Enterprises can minimize infrastructure cost by provisioning a new server and virtualizing it with multiple machines on the same server. Clients can run and migrate multiple applications and software’s on a single host as these machines are completely isolated from each other. Large Data centre can be virtualized for consistent VMware server management for cloud infrastructure, network & security, storage, availability, efficiency and lots more.

We can help you virtualize, accommodate, deploy & troubleshoot your virtualization infrastructure with VMware configurations, backup, monitoring, optimization tweaks, and security updates. Our expertise virtualizes server technology in an easy way.

VMWare Server Management


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