Linux Server Management

Linux Server Management

Cost-effective solutions for consistent availability

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Service Installation and Configurations

We provide installation and setup for application servers like Apache, Exim mail server, Mysql database server and DNS nameserver setup. We can also setup and optimize PHP on the server with multiPHP selector. Additionally , We can also assist to setup website on servers without any control panel.


Secure Data Recovery & Disaster Management

Our team can handle disaster management by keeping your data safe and recover it completely if your server is under attack by hackers, spam, viruses, or any other malicious entities.

Linux Server Management: Cost-effective solutions for application based servers.

Critical applications deployed on Linux servers need the right management solutions or tools. The use of application Linux servers ensures persistent availability of mission-critical applications and web services. Large enterprises and end-users require robust Linux servers to manage applications for their business. Web applications are the future of the software-as-a-service initiative, and thus hosting them on the web requires server solutions that are secure and stable.

An application console can manage all your servers from a single dashboard. It is imperative that all the parameters be monitored from a unified platform, be it server usage, server load, disk management, memory utilization, etc. A system administrator needs to monitor all these processes for the operating system, application or other web services. Expertise at 24×7 provide top-of-the-line services for Linux servers on platforms such as Linux Centos, Debian, Ubuntu , Red-hat and Cloudlinux servers.

We are capable of handling Linux servers for various business collateral’s such as e-commerce applications, Web hosting , Domain name servers, education, CMS, banking finance, real estates, and a plethora of other applications. Our team can handle lightweight to enterprise deployments be it on the cloud or on-premises with high up time.



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