SolusVM Server Management: Manage your VPS with
a powerful GUI based software

Essential management with Customized Automation

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Managing virtual private servers has never been effortless than this, SolusVM, a GUI based virtual server manager handles all your virtualization needs. This control panel can manage all your VPS's with Xen or KVM virtualization. 24X7servermanagment handles all your VPS clusters from one central location with the SolusVM server management system.

SolusVM is a robust control panels that can handle critical data with full power control of your VPS, management with an intuitive interface, seamless integration with WHMCS and other billing systems as well. Our clients need not worry about their virtualization needs as we manage their VPS technology, server logs, server security, monitoring, restorations and lots more with the SolusVM server management system.

Be it installation, migration, integration or maintenance, our 24x7 technical team delivers outstanding administration and support for clients with SolusVM servers.

SolusVM installation & Setup

Comprehensive installation of the Slaves & Master Control Panel. 24x7servermanagement deploys your SolusVM control panel with -

SolusVM installation & Setup
  • No Setup Fee.
  • No Term Contract.
  • No Hidden Fees.
  • 15 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Basic Security and Optimization

Basic Security and Optimization
  • Server hardening, security & optimization with latest firewall installations and configurations and OS tweaking.
  • VPS Security.
  • System tweaks (TCPwrappers& SYN protection)

Server & Node Monitoring

Server & Node Monitoring
  • Server Log Analysis & Reporting.
  • Server Restart or Reboot on client request.
  • Troubleshoot Service Issues.
  • Node monitoring for services such as HDD's, Spam, Load, etc.

Additional Slave Management

Additional Slave Management
  • $50 per additional slave server support.
  • 24x7 technical support

Operating Systems

Virtualization & Operating Systems
  • OS installation with Master Slave Integration, Virtualization support for various platforms like OpenVZ, Xen, KVM on CentOS based systems.
  • Central point management with master control panel

Core Management

Core Management
  • Periodic system upgrade with updates and patches.
  • SolusVM server upgrades.
  • Comprehensive VPS management. Support upto 15 VM's Per Slave
  • Template Management.
  • Addition/Removal of slave.
  • Complete Server Optimization for peak performance.
  • Server Monitoring.
  • Hardware node management.
  • Security Monitoring.
  • LVM setup & configuration.
  • Security Audits.
  • VPS creation, reboot, backup, restoration & settings.
  • Host & Node Migration

Unlimited Support Tickets

Unlimited Support Tickets
  • Support tickets responded within 60 minutes of logging a ticket.
  • Support tickets resolved within 24 hours of logging a ticket.

Upgrades and Patches

Upgrades and Patches
  • Server optimization with brand new software and security updates, patches for performance boost and security.
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