cPanel to Directadmin Migration Guide

cPanel to Directadmin Migration Guide Since the license cost for cPanel has been increased, Many users are finding it difficult to digest the new license cost from cpanel. We have been getting many requests for cpanel migration to directadmin servers and have been actively supporting  the migrations for our clients. However its best to share this migration procedure with the users who are looking to migrate their servers towards direct-admin. Click the given link below. Cpanel to DirectAdmin Migration Steps This simple [...]


How to Configure Backups in Cpanel WHM

It is a prime responsibility of a system administrator to make sure that the backups are enabled on the server. In case of disaster recovery, these backups would be essential to recover the client’s websites and data. The Backup configuration Manager under WHM, provides an interface for the system administrators to schedule the backups as per requirements. This interface a available under Home >> Backup >> Backup Configuration. The structure of the interface is quite simplified and broken into sections for [...]


Best Linux server performance tools – top, atop and iotop

Monitoring server’s performance is today well known topic being discussed around the world and the idea behind monitoring server’s performance is to check the servers Stability, Performance Speed and Scalability. The information collected with various monitoring tools helps to identify and detect potential resource usage like CPU Usage, RAM usage and Disk I/O usage. Today i am going to show you some different and important Linux server performance tools like top, atop and iotop which are similar in many [...]


Comparison of CPanel vs Plesk vs DirectAdmin

cPanel A UNIX based web hosting control panel, that simplifies web we hosting through automation tools and consumer interface. CPanel has a capability to paintings as virtual private server or as a dedicated server. CPanel is brief for manage panel that is a software application mounted for your net hosts server to offer clean management of your server area and packages. CPanel simplifies many commonplace website administration obligations which include database, website report and e mail account management with an intuitive [...]


Expert Tips for MySQL Server Optimization

Effective database optimization can help you to avoid many performance issues that can occur while administering or creating applications with MySQL Server. From the initial configuration of the server to the design of the database structure and population of tables, principles of database optimization should be carefully implemented. This article provides proven MySQL optimization techniques that you can use to improve the performance of your database and web applications. Optimize Database Server Hardware The projected size of the database and the [...]


Get cPanel, Go Proactive with first-class control

Enterprises are looking at Linux Servers for hassle-free IT solutions and business growth. Servers need to be up and running on a 24×7 basis for greater business visibility and continuity. Be it Virtual Private Servers or a high-performance dedicated system, server hosts, vendors and clients require an easy to use control panel for various server functions and features. cPanel is one of the most powerful, reliable and intuitive control panel for Linux Servers. It’s just awesome !! The power of [...]


How to uninstall Cloudlinux from cpanel

Uninstall Cloudlinux from cPanel  : # wget -O cldeploy # sh cldeploy -c Please, note that some of the packages from CloudLinux repo will still be present. They are same as CentOS packages, and don’t have to be removed. They will be updated in the future from CentOS repositories, as new versions come out. You can use below steps further: 1) Check if your server is Cloudlinux installed in it using below command. # /usr/local/cpanel/bin/cloudlinux_system_install -c 2) Update your CentOS-provided RPMs # yum upgrade -y 3) Rebuild [...]


Tweaks to prevent Spamming on cPanel server

Spamming on cPanel server is very common if you have not applied any security and not taken proper steps to secure it. Exim mail server comes by default with cpanel and allows tweaks and settings to stop spamming on the server. In the following technical post we will show you to follow the tips and settings on cpanel server. Tweaks to prevent Spamming on cPanel server  Exim Configuration Manager 1. Login to WHM control panel by using root user 2. Goto Main [...]


How to reset WordPress admin password via command line

We can reset WordPress admin passwords via command line in cPanel server for domains. First, we need to find which Database is used by the domain for WordPress. You can find it via checking the Database name given in the file ‘wp-config.php’. Upon finding that, login to MySQL prompt. # mysql mysql> use databasename; where databasename is the database in which WordPress is installed. mysql> SELECT ID,user_login,user_pass FROM wp_users; +—-+————+————————————+ | ID | user_login | user_pass | +—-+————+————————————+ | 1 | admin | $P$B05GJOhuMCFlxtYsYjA8P/sX0svNw81 | mysql> UPDATE wp_users SET user_pass [...]


How to Clean Eximstats Database

Generally eximstats database looks very small in size when Cpanel is installed. The database is setup by default when Cpanel installation on the server is completed. So what exactly is this database for. As the name suggests “exim stats” its clear that this mysql database generates statistics from exim main log file or syslog file.  But there is one issue with this database as over the time the size of this database gets increasing day by day depending on the log [...]