Enterprise Server Monitoring

Enterprise Server Monitoring

Just for $19.99 /Server/Monthly

Service Monitoring Checks

Ping Monitoring
Track ping statistics for server, Analyze service stability and more.
IMAP Monitoring
IMAP server monitoring , Check response time.
Memory Monitoring
Find out free memory, Used, Shared, Buffers and Cached memory statistics.
Disk Monitoring
Find out Disk usage, free space available and inode data statistics.
Server Process Monitoring
Check number of processes running on the server, Procs statistics.
Swap Usage Monitoring
Check swap partition status , free and used swap memory.
Server Load Monitoring
Find out load average stats on your server. Stable, warning or critical
SSH Monitoring
Monitoring secure shell access on any custom or default port
HTTP Monitoring
Apache or Nginx web server monitoring.
POP Monitoring
Incoming mails monitoring on port 110, Check response time.
SMTP Monitoring
Outgoing mails monitoring , Check mail queue, response time.
Host Monitoring
Monitor host availability for server down, uptime reports and network related.

Special Offer ( Cpanel Only )

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Enterprise Server Monitoring

Our network operations team makes sure that your servers are active, robust and acknowledging requests. An ideal performing server needs to be online on a perpetual schedule. Our server consultants and engineers monitor the entire checklist and ensure excellent server operations as a part of our server monitoring packages for linux or windows servers.

An end-to-end analysis needs server heath to be checked for hardware systems such as CPU, Memory, I/O processes, Disk Utilization, Security Audits, Backup & Recovery & lots more. Our focus of keeping critical data intact on a server for clients and users to access is a vital course of action that needs to be carried out for key performance, higher uptime, reliability and security of your Windows and Linux Servers.



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