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For individuals and enterprises who need simple, secure and reliable plesk server management, 24x7servermanagement renders Parallels Plesk, the most popular web hosting control panel for Linux systems. Plesk Server Management is a streamlined solution for hosting websites and web applications in a secure and speedy manner.

The Plesk Server can be customized with a software development kit (SDK) for a plethora of third party applications as well as an improved User Experience (UX) for easier administration, management and maintenance. Web hosting providers use this control panel as it provides flexibility for easy navigation, server automation & support as well as stringent security.

WordPress designers and developers are at an advantage as the new platform delivers Plesk management tools for WordPress front-end development as well as back-end administration. Plesk server management at 24X7servermanagement offers service providers and users a comprehensive suite of tools and add-ons with enhanced security features. Be it an ergonomic user interface, improved migration, smart repair tools or site backups, the Plesk server is the perfect web management solution for service providers and users. Certified experts at 24X7servermanagement provide clients with a round-the-clock service for Plesk server monitoring, hardening, backup & security audits as well as multiple platform compatibility for CentOS, Red-Hat, & CloudLinux. Be it VPS's, Dedicated Servers or a Cloud Network, the Parallels Plesk Panel is an intuitive, robust, and scalable solution for you to concentrate on your business and garner greater value and productivity.

Plesk Support Features

Plesk Installation

24x7servermanagement delivers comprehensive Plesk Installation for any of your server viz. VPS or Dedicated and supported OS platforms like -

Plesk Installation
  • CentOS
  • Red-Hat
  • CloudLinux

Smart Server Migration with Zero Downtime

Smart Server Migration with Zero Downtime
  • As Plesk server management specialists we transfer all your critical data onto our servers or other servers with your consent at zero downtime.

Proactive Plesk Server Management

We keep your server up and running by focusing on core management areas like-

Proactive Plesk Server Management
  • Periodic Software Installation/Patches
  • Plesk Upgrades
  • Server Tweaking
  • Third Party Software Installations
  • Control Panel Patches and Updates
  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam Installation
  • Server Transfer and Migration
  • Operating System Upgrades
  • Mail Server Setup(Qmail or Postfix)
  • DDOS & Brute Force Attack Security & Alerts
  • Firewall Setup, Maintenance & Tuning
  • Periodic Backup Maintenance
  • SSL Certificate Installation
  • PHP Hardening
  • Weekly Server Notifications & Reports
  • Troubleshooting Plesk Panel Issues
  • Root Login Notification & email alerts

Secure Data Recovery & Disaster Management

Secure Data Recovery & Disaster Management
  • Our team at 24x7servermanagement can handle disaster management by keeping your data safe and recover it completely if your server is under attack by hackers, spam, viruses, or any other malicious entities.

Hassle-free Plesk Server Management with -

Hassle-free Plesk Server Management with
  • No Setup Fee
  • No Term Contract
  • No Hidden Fees
  • 15 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Discounts for additional servers.

Quick Response & Resolution Time SLA

Quick Response & Resolution Time SLA
  • Guaranteed Response Time of 60 minutes or less for support tickets.
  • Guaranteed Resolution Time of 24 hours or less for Support tickets.

Uncompromised Server Optimization

Our Plesk Technology tweaks your server for optimum usage at heavy work-loads as well as keep it stable. We optimize your server with-

Uncompromised Server Optimization
  • MySQL tweaks
  • Apache & Nginx Tweaks
  • Mail Server Tweaks

Round-the-Clock Monitoring & Third Party Installations

We keep a check on your servers for spam or any suspicious activities, as well as perform a system reboot on your request if required.
The new Plesk platform is equipped with a WordPress Toolkit as well as third party installations of software's like -

Round-the-Clock Monitoring & Third Party Installations
  • FreeType
  • EAccelerator
  • IonCube
  • Advance Pearl Modules
  • Zend Optimizer
  • GD
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