What is VOIP ? How to Install Asterisk VOIP

VoIP Voice Over IP

What is VOIP ? How to Install Asterisk VOIP

What is VOIP ?

You may have started hearing the term VOIP more in more in recent years, the reason is because it is quickly becoming a widely utilized tool for communication.
VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, is an alternative to traditional phone technology that utilized the internet for voice communications rather than phone lines and mobile cell towers.
It has become a popular option for companies, as it enables any business with broadband internet access to a flexible platform for communication.
While the technology itself is one aspect it needs to utilized and given a tangible platform for businesses.
Asterisks provides such a service, providing a free and open source platform for building VOIP applications. They also provide all the ip phone equipment you may need to get started.

Main Benefits of VOIP over traditional phone lines.
So why use VOIP over traditional landlines? Well the main benefit is cost. Any broadband internet enables a business or individual to utilize VOIP technology. Second the applications themselves are extremely flexible and easy to use, meaning something like conference calling and video calling is much more accessible. All you need is a voip server, and the equipment to access it!

How VOIP works

So how does it all work? VOIP uses codecs to compile audio into data packets and then send them through the internet instantaneously. The codecs G.711 is commonly used for uncompressed packets, which means the data will be at it’s raw file size. G.729 is the standard for compressed files and will be the one most used with VOIP services unless specified by the user. It eliminates the use of circuit-switched networks which means infrastructure costs and functionality is increased. It is also more stable, given the quality of internet providers now a days, it also has a quick turn around in case of outage, where a circuit-based network can be prone to hardware failures or extended outages. Those can be pitfalls for businesses.

Integrating with other applications is also a big advantage. Thanks to smartphones you can carry around your VOIP service in your pocket, so you are always connected to you business as long as you have a cell signal.
Overall VOIP increases productivity and saves money which greatly overshadows any shortcomings the technology may have.

It is also an excellent choice for international calling, as IP networks are better integrated and don’t come with additional costs for communicating other businesses or clients overseas.

Purpose of VOIP ?

VOIP can also provide video chat services, meaning a conference call or long distance meeting can be more formal and personal giving you the ability to see the other members of the call.
VOIP is an exciting technology that is shaking up the telecom setup for businesses. As the technology continues to progress every day, it’s quality, reliability and feature set grows. It is a go to option for all businesses and quickly out pacing circuit-switch based telephone communications. Voip phone is a great way to ensure you have a cheap, reliable and flexible option for keeping communication within your business.
Asterisk provides a plethora of products and services that will help your bushiness setup their own VOIP network and enable capability.

In our next Artilce we will show to install Asterisk VOIP server on bare linux based server.  We also provide assistance in installing VOIP server and configurations.  Feel free to get in touch with us.

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