Get cPanel, Go Proactive with first-class control


Get cPanel, Go Proactive with first-class control

Enterprises are looking at Linux Servers for hassle-free IT solutions and business growth. Servers need to be up and running on a 24×7 basis for greater business visibility and continuity. Be it Virtual Private Servers or a high-performance dedicated system, server hosts, vendors and clients require an easy to use control panel for various server functions and features. cPanel is one of the most powerful, reliable and intuitive control panel for Linux Servers. It’s just awesome !!

The power of Control

Businesses, all over the globe are turning to IT digitization. Their dependence on getting business over the web and online for global exposure and greater turn-overs and growth has boosted the hosting business exponentially. Within a decade, not only webhosters but individuals and vendors have migrated and expanded this business aggressively. From a traditional shared system to high-end virtualization, dedicated and state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, true power and control needs to be leveraged.

Whether it is a new idea or a start-up, or a seasoned enterprise, servers are of paramount importance. Every digital byte is stored on these high-end repositories that deliver performance features, this mission-critical data needs to be converted into relevant information for business growth for IT vendors as well as for clients. Enterprises need holistic management of their IT infrastructure, an in-house setup would require significant investment of time and money for hardware, software, and manpower resources. Total managed control is required for these servers to be up and running on a perpetual basis. cPanel server management are the new “Buzz Words”.

The “cPanel” Buzz Word

The Linux Ecosystem spans thousands of clients, developers, hosting providers and millions of internet domains around the globe. These servers need to be completely managed by hosting providers in data-centres, large server farms host thousands of servers to handle important data on a day-to-day basis. This intuitive web based control panel comes with an easy to use navigational Control panel with quality features, enterprise security, high class dependability and fanatical support

cpanel server security

cPanel server security has been one of the most prominent features of this control panel as it offers exceptional security features and tweaks for server security and hardening. The flexibility of the control panel lies in its flexibility to support various operating systems like CloudLinux. If it’s a new server that needs to be setup from scratch, it can be done in an instant and applying basic security tweaks.

important secrurity tips

The Unparalleled Panel

 The features that this control panel delivers is unmatched, when a client signs up for a Linux Dedicated Server, the packages that are designed by the providers or web hosting companies deliver comprehensive features for cPanel Server Management. This includes cPanel server setup with service upgrades, plugins installations, backups, & SSL certificates. PHP and Apache updates are installed for server optimization, tweaking and security.

If a client requires complete migration of their data from existing servers to new servers or hosts, it can be done flawlessly without any downtime. With this control panel in place, servers can be stabilized and made reliable so that these load issues can be handled, whilst cutting down unnecessary down times.

cpanel server management

Safety at its best with cPanel

Important data needs to be deemed secure at all times. cPanel Server Security adds multiple levels of protection to detect server infiltration, hacks or spams through backdoors or network bottle-necks. Server hardening is deployed at every level to block unwanted malicious traffic. Complete data recovery procedures can be initiated from crashed hard drives or redundant networks. Secure third party installations like ZendGuard, Ioncube, Mod_security with exhaustive options list for compilations and lots more can be deployed for optimized functionality. Thus, this control panel covers all important aspects of server management and support to optimize server and business processes.



 Get your business up to speed by reaching out to the right web hosts for cPanel Server Management and leverage innovative and secure IT solutions for your Virtualized and Dedicated Infrastructure.


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