Benefits of using Dedicated IP for your website


Benefits of using Dedicated IP for your website

It’s always better to take a static IP address for your website if you are really serious about your websites reputation and business identity. A static IP provides lots of benefits in terms of mail availability, DNS and obviously making use of SSL certificates like wildcard SSL or Green bar SSL. However, the major benefit of using static IP is for “Mails”. Emails sent from your domain or website will be from your own IP instead of shared IP which means you will have full control of your IP address. A Static IP’s reputation is always going to be better as compared with shared IP.

So what is Shared IP? When you buy web hosting plan especially cheap webhosting, for your website. Without a doubt you will be hosted on a shared IP address by default. Shared IP is shared by multiple websites hosted on the same server and you have no control over the shared IP address. Someone’s fault can cause you big damage if the reputation of the IP address is affected due to high mailing activities or spamming. Later, we are going to discuss how to change exim mail ip for domains.

So, it is necessary to have a dedicated IP address for your website. And why not you can get a dedicated IP address just for $2/monthly. For this you will need to contact your web hosting provider.

Improves Website Loading Time.

When a user visits your website the server doesn’t spend much time looking for a website on a server as the dedicated IP is allocated to just your domain name. This improves the loading time of the website. Additionally, provides you an ability to check and access your website when DNS is not yet propagated. This also reduces website downtime.


Email reputation.

A very common issue on a shared server is Poor IP reputation. Bad IP reputation leads to problems with your important business emails being landed in junk box or spam box. Or e-mail’s which you are sending to your important clients are being rejected with an error message “email rejected due to IP blacklisting or bad reputation”. The reason for this is very simple, your domain hosted on shared IP was being blacklisted due to spamming activities on the server. So it’s like you are getting punished for someone else mistake. Shared IP often gets blacklisted at RBL’s indirectly, affecting all the websites and emails on the server. So do things wisely and put your website on dedicated IP thus protecting your crucial business emails and reputation.

If you are having your own dedicated Server or a cpanel VPS. Here are some tips on How to change Exim mail IP for domains.

In cPanel WHM, you will need to request your hosting provider to change “send emails from accounts IP address” to “ON” and this should solve the issue.

Otherwise, if “reference /etc/mailips for outgoing SMTP connections” is set to “ON” in the Exim configuration as shown in the below screenshot.


Then you will need to additionally add your dedicated IP address in /etc/mailips using vi or nano editor.

Code: nano /etc/mailips dedicated-ip-address
*: shared-ip-address

Replace, with your Domain name and dedicated-ip-address with the dedicated IP address associated with your domain.

Thereafter, restart exim service.


service exim restart

The emails will start routing through your dedicated IP address.

Business identity.

To provide better level of security to your customer’s data on an e-commerce website or an online store, you shall make sure to go for a dedicated IP address especially for SSL certificates and use of Green Bar SSL. This will build customers interest and confidence in your business. You can also setup Reverse DNS for the IP address to your domain.


Boost Google Ranking.

Google search is the key element factor for your business, you will always want organic traffic coming from google to your website. For example, when a user searches for a keyword related with your business, you highly expect that your website should be coming at the top page in search results to gain traffic, So that more and more number of users can visit your website thus giving the much required boost for your business. The important factor to consider here is that your website is more likely to achieve a better ranking on Google as Google gives importance to website with dedicated IP with SSL certificates rather than shared IP.


Monitoring Advantages

With dedicated IP you easily monitor your mailing activities and IP reputation. Use of mxtoolbox will help you to track your IP activities. You can install many free mobile based apps to monitor your IP address, ping results and many more.

Use of script, At times it is essential to run certain scripts or applications that require a dedicated IP for it to work properly. Now that you know the benefits of dedicated IP address, you can easily opt for one for the better experience and security over the web.

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