TOP 10 Important LFD alerts to be monitored


TOP 10 Important LFD alerts to be monitored

When you leave the house, you make sure that doors are locked. The reason behind this is that you do not anyone to enter your private property. Speaking of a Shared hosting environment there are 1000’s of websites/domains hosted on the single web server. This is where you store the data which is quite confidential/important and you do not want anyone to get access to this. As you know there are malicious hackers around the world that are looking for a backdoor so they can introduce malicious viruses on your server. These intruders can even bring your server to halt.

To prevent such hacks, it is essential to monitor incoming /outgoing packets on the server. There are automated tools like “ConfigServer Firewall ” which you can install on the server and they will perform Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), Login/Intrusion Detection and Security of the application. The software blocks traffic coming from malicious IP address reducing the risk on the server. It also provides protection against SYN FLOOD, DDOS, Brute force, Port scan attacks.

The software generates Lfd ( Login Failure Daemon ) alerts and send it to your configured email address. As an admin you must carefully monitor each of these emails as they contains crucial information related to your server, So you can take appropriate action before the disaster occurs and ultimately leave no scope for intruders to infect your server.

You will notice that there are a lot of emails coming to your email address so you must figure out which emails are important. For example Spam Relay Alerts You must sort/filters these emails in your mailbox.

Lets discuss some of the email filters you can use to manage the lfd alerts on Outlook.


DO NOT IGNORE ! These are fatal alerts and if they are not monitored it can cause high risk to the server. Now that your LFD email alerts are sorted and not coming in bulk, It will make your life much easier in monitoring an analyzing the alerts. Upon analyzing, an appropriate timely action can be taken.  Doing so, will surely stabilize your server and also, keep spammers away from abusing your server. You can also order our Pro-active spam monitoring package just for $7/month and let us do all the hard work for you.

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