How to run the backup process which is stuck using rsync?

While running the backup process, I was getting the error message as -

/usr/bin/rsync -rlptD --exclude=lastrun/* --exclude=bwusagecache/* --exclude=serviceauth/*
--exclude=dnsrequests_db/*--exclude=configs.cache/*--delete /var/cpanel//backup/weekly/incremental/system/dirs/_var_cpanel”
stalled while it ran for user “root”.

The error was being sent by email to the registered email address in WHM. 
Solution -
1. Please check the the server "Stats and Logs" tab in WHM >> Tweak Settings.
2. If it has been reached to it's threshold value then it will cause the above generated error.
3. Please increase the CPU of your server.
Once done then give a try. It resolved my issue!

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