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  • Cpanel Combo Offer

    $28.00 Setup Fee
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    • Cpanel Management $28 + Cpanel Security $28 Setup fees

  • Special Offers

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    • Cpanel Management $28 + Enterprise Server Monitoring $9.99
  • Cpanel Server Management

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    • Only Cpanel Management
  • ProActive Server Management

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    • Premium server management services

      Pro-active Server Management & Support

      Pro-active Server Monitoring

      Priority Support

      Skype IM Support

      High end configurations and Level-3 issues

      Server Reboots

  • DirectAdmin Server Management

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    • 1 DirectAdmin Server
  • Plesk Linux Server Management

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    • 1 Plesk Server Management
  • Windows Server Management

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    • Plesk OR WebsitePanel
  • SolusVM Server Management

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    • 1 Master and 1 Slave Management Plan
  • Linux Server Management

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    • Non-Control Panel Application Server
      OR Custom Control Panel
  • Softaculos Virtualizor Management

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    • Virtualizor Managment

      OpenVZ, Xen PV, Xen HVM,

      XenServer, Linux KVM and LXC virtualization

      Get Free Virtualizor License

  • Emergency Server Support Services

    $100.00 USD One Time
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    • Get a Server Admin working on your server live for...

      Server Going Down Frequently

      Linux Web Server, Database Server,

      Service Failures

      Spam Issues

      Abuse Investigations

  • Pro-active Skype Support

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    • Cpanel Addon.

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