ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server. Query: SELECT "INBOX"

If you get the following error while trying to connect to your webmail client:

ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server. Query: SELECT "INBOX"

Solution -

The exact error message could be obtained by using below command - 
tail - f /var/log/maillog

"Error: broken sync positions in index file /home/user/mail/" and "Warning: fscking index file /home/user/mail/"

Cause: It may be because of the dovecot indexes are corrupted.

1. Delete all files named "dovecot" in the path "/home/user/mail/" using 
rm -f dovecot* 
2. You can simply rename the dovecot.index page as  : mv dovecot.index dovecot.index_bk

Try to access the email that had the error, should have returned to normal.

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