Failed to open dir: Permission denied in /usr/local/lib/php/autoindex/default.php

While accessing the site I was getting error as -
'Failed to open dir: Permission denied in /usr/local/lib/php/autoindex/default.php' with below error logs -

2017-03-26 21:49:51.835 [NOTICE] [local IP address ] [STDERR]
PHP Warning: opendir(/home/cPanel_username/public_html/): failed to open dir: Permission denied in /usr/local/lib/php/autoindex/default.php on line 143

Solution -

Correct the user permission on '/' partition on server - 

The user permission was not set correctly on server. It should be 'drwx--x--x' that is 711. You can set is using below command -

  • Login to server using SSH.
  • cd / - If there is name to '/' partition on your server then enter the name.
  • For example, if the '/' partition name is 'home' then you should enter 'cd /home' and fire below command -
  • chmod 711 cPanel_username
It fixed my issue and started working!

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