Server connection timed out - Unable to access website and cPanel

I tried accessing the website and cPanel from my system (local network) but I was getting error message as Server connection timed out

Solution -

Firewall Block -
Make sure that your local system's IP address is not blocked in firewall of server. You will need to check the firewall logs for it.
Reasons of Firewall Block -

1. Failed cPanel login attempts -
If you've entered the wrong password while login to cPanel from your local system then your IP will get blocked.(there will be limit set on your server for failed login attempt on your server)

2. Failed IMAP/POP/SMTP/webmail login attempts -
If you've configured the email account using IMAP/POP/SMTP in any of the email client and tried login to email account in email client using wrong password (there will be limit set on your server for failed login attempt on your server) then your IP address will get block.
Webmail Login -
If you're trying to login to your email account using webmail client with the wrong password then there will be limit set on your server for failed login attempt on your server) then your IP address will get block.

3. Failed FTP and SSH login attempts
If you're trying to connect to your account using FTP client or SSH client then make sure to use correct details. You can use cPanel login details for connecting to FTP and SSH client.

4. Port Scan attack -
If there are multiple requests for connection to server from your local system's IP address then there will be might be possibility of port scan attack. That means the attacker is trying to find the open port on server for vulnerable activities.
So on every server there is connection limit from one IP address.
So you will need to make sure that every time you should use correct password while login to cPanel/webmail/FTP/SSH.

That's it!

Let me know your thoughts on it. :)

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