Virtualization & Cloud

  • Install-Configure-S3-Backups

    Configure Amazon S3 Backups in WHM

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    Let us Configure Amazon S3 Backups in WHM. We will install & configure S3 backup services for your linux cpanel server or any EC2 instance. Amazon S3 is highly used for storing offline backups and archiving backups with very affordable rates. Order this plan if you are looking to use the amazon S3 service as backup for your website or infrastructure.

  • Install-&-Configure-AWS-Instance

    Install & Configure AWS Instance

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    We will install and Configure AWS instance as per your infrastructure design. Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) helps you implement web applications on AWS infrastructure. It is an evolving cloud computing platform designed to give high performance and stable environment for web applications.  If you are not expert with AWS technologies and are looking for support to host EC2 instance for your application or for demo purpose on AWS platform, You can simply order this plan and let our team install and configure the instance with proper disk, networking & many other technical things.

  • Install-&-Configure-AWS-instance-with-WordPress

    Install & Configure AWS instance with WordPress

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    Are you looking to configure AWS instance for your wordpress website ? If YES !  Order this plan and let our experts handle everything that is required to host your wordpress website on EC2 instance. AWS EC2 instance is the most reliable in terms of speed and performance. It will give you stability where you can host your websites. Our experts will install and configure the instance with database server & will also assist to migrate your wordpress website from another host.

  • Install-&-Configurate-Azure-instance

    Install & Configure Azure instance

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    Install & Configure Azure instance, Microsoft Azure is also similar to Amazons cloud services. You can host a instance like linux or windows on azure cloud services. We will help to install and configure any azure cloud instance as per your requirements.

  • Install & Configure Azure instance with WordPress

    Install & Configure Azure instance with WordPress

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    Let us install & configure azure instance with wordpress website. Setup and configuration like LAMP stack will be installed and configured on azure instance. We will create your instance and optimize it for high wordpress performance. Order this plan and let our experts handle everything for you.

  • Install-Configure-Digital-Ocean-Droplet

    Install Configure Digital Ocean Droplet

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    We Install Configure Digital Ocean Droplets which are Linux-Based virtual machines that can be customized as per requirements. These are perfect for small web hosting purposes or staging environment for development purpose. Digital ocean provides Droplets which is similar to amazons ec2 instances, We can help you deploy any kind of droplets on your application requirements,  As you know deploying right kind of droplet is very important for future scalability.

  • Install-Hyper-V-Server

    Install Hyper-V Windows

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    We will install Hyper-V role on windows server. Hyper-V is the virtualization platform that is included in the latest Microsoft Windows Server. You can create your own virtual environment using Hyper-V and connect each of them virtually to each other and on network. Hyper-V is basically a hypervisor for windows operating system. We can help you deploy Hyper-V role and setup the configurations. Order this plan if you want our experts handle Hyper-V installations.

  • Install-SolusVM

    Install SolusVM

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    Install SolusVM which is one of the two major control panels out there to help fulfill your virtualization needs. With its unique architecture and virtualization technology support, you can create your virtual environment with ease. We will install and configure solusvm control panel with master and slave node installation ( Xen, KVM or openvz )configuration, OS template installation, configurations and Network setup with slave nodes. Order this plan and let our experts handle the complex setup.

  • Install-Virtualizor

    Install Virtualizor

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    Install Virtualizor which is the one of the control panel designed for managing virtual machines on the master node itself. It supports virtualization technologies like KVM, Xen, OpenVZ etc. We will install Virtualizor control panel with any of the hypervisors that you need, Virtualizor is a control panel developed by softaculous which is used to deploy multiple VPS on the main dedicated server.