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Windows server security With millions of computing assets being online every second, data integrity can be compromised imposing a huge risk for small-to-medium businesses (SMB’s) as well as large enterprises. Clients using Windows servers need top-notch solutions to keep their data and applications intact. Business continuity and reliability is dependent on data integrity and thus Windows Server Security at all levels is a near absolute must.

Servers are attacked by thousands of malevolent individuals trying to steal or destroy critical information. Microsoft Certified Professionals at 24X7servermanagement proactively monitor services and processes for server hardening, network security, risk and compliance management for security risk management, payment card industry, Microsoft SDL security practices and HIPAA security for VPS and dedicated servers. Our Windows Security practices also include best industry protocols for Hyper-V security and server virtualization, hardware firewalls, DDoS mitigation, VPN security, Two-Factor Authentication and much more.

Expertise at 24X7servermanagement are proficient to handle any operating system and control panel configurations. We implement advanced security measures to guarantee your server security and ensure 100% uptime.

Security Installations And Updates

Security Installations And Updates
  • Configuring server with specific roles
  • Plesk upgrades and configurations.
  • Plesk PHP hardening
  • IIS security
  • Securing RDP access
  • Securing Mail-enable and Smarter-mail
  • Setting CPU limit for application pools.
  • Check server for high utilization for memory and CPU usage.
  • Installing and configuring antivirus on server.
  • Scan server for malware attacks.
  • Hardening TCP/IP for DDOS protection
  • Enforce password history
  • Enforce password policy
  • Password must meet complexity requirements
  • Account lockout threshold setting
  • Event log management
  • Setting CPU limit for application pools.
  • Checking event Logs for server login attempts
  • Windows Firewall with Advanced Security and IPsec.
  • Apply local connection security rules (Domain) as well as (Private) networks
  • Open required ports in firewall and disable the unwanted ports.
  • Remove unwanted software from server.
  • Session time-outs settings for scripts.
  • Optimizing database servers like MSSQl and MySQL for better performance.
  • Optimizing for performance.
  • Scheduling backups
  • Off-site remote backup configurations.

Supported Servers And Control Panel

Supported Servers And Control Panel
  • Windows 2003, 2008 and 2012 Web or Standard edition
  • Plesk, Website panel or plain windows.

Estimated Analysis And Completion Time

Estimated Analysis And Completion Time
  • Within 10 to 20 hours
  • Reviewing the Server and Sites after Security Applied
  • Free Three Days Support after Security Applied

Server Analysis

Server Analysis
  • Monitoring event viewer logs for system activity.
  • Fixing issues reported with Logs