One Time Installations

  • PCI-Compliance

    PCI Compliance

    0 out of 5

    PCI Compliance is very well know process called as payment card industry data security standards, PCI scan is very essential and should meet the data security standards to help you protect from any types of frauds, security vulnerabilities and identifying thefts. Our experts will help to complete the compliance certification by approved scanning vendor.

  • Remote-Backup-Planning-and-implementation

    Remote Backup Planning and implementation

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    We will assist you with remote backup planning and implementation for your server infrastructure. Whether its a database backup program or storing backup on google drive, We will offer you the correct solutions to implement a perfect backup systems on your servers. Having remote backup has its own advantages over local backups when it comes to disaster recovery of complete server that has hardware failure. Simply order this plan to install and configure the remote backup service for your server.

  • Windows-Server-Security

    Windows Security

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    Windows server security is usually configuring your windows server with local policies and applying security roles, Installing antivirus, activating firewall and tweaking password policy settings. Let our windows expert do a complete analysis for security recommendations.

  • Wordpress-Security

    WordPress Security

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    Wordpress security is a well known process to secure your wordpress website against malware attacks.  Our security plan will enable security related plugins, applying core theme and plugin updates on your wordpress website, securing your wordpress admin area , database security and also remove infected files under your website.  Order this security service if you want our Wordpress security experts to secure your website.