How to check the PHP version and configuration for your website?

'phpinfo.php' is the file which is used for checking the PHP version and configuration on cPanel server. You can create the phpinfo.php file using below steps under cPanel -

1. Login to cPanel.
2. Follow File Manager >> public_html.
3. Click on option 'File' ( + sing on top left corner of the page).
4. Enter the file name as phpinfo.php >> Create New File.
5. Now right click on the file phpinfo.php >> Code Edit.
6. Enter the below code in file -
7. Click on Save Changes option (top right corner of the page).
Once done then open the web-browser and enter "http://domain_name/phpinfo.php". This will display the PHP configuration of your website.

(Make sure to replace domain_name with name name of your website)

Note -
When you will done with verification then remove or rename the 'phpinfo' file from cPanel.

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