How to configure Amazon S3 backups in WHM?

There is always issues on the server like Hard Drive Failures and its very important to keep your backups safe at some remote location. Amazon S3 is the service which you can use to store your cPanel backups at remote location.

Following are the steps that you should follow to setup an account and your access key with Amazon -

1) Create Amazon Web Service account with Amazon using link :-

2) Log into the Amazon account AWS Console at AWS Management Console and under Storage & Content Delivery > Click on S3.

3) Create new bucket > Create New Folder to store backups in their own folder.
For example :- Create folder name RemoteBackups to store backups in it.

4) At the top right, click on your name > Security Credentials > Continue to Security Credentials.

5) To create an Access Key click on + Sign to the left of 'Access Keys (Access Key ID and Secret Access Key)' > Create New Access Key and download the file to save credentials on your computer.

Following are the steps that you should follow to setup a backup in WHM (Web Host Manager) -
1) Login to WHM > Backup User Selection and make sure that backups are enabled for all of the users.
2) To setup backup, login to WHM > Backup Configuration > make sure backup status is Enabled.
3) At the bottom of the backups page 'Additional Destinations' > Select destination type as 'Amazon S3' > click 'Create new destination'.
4) Use following information to complete the form :-

Destination Name
:- RemoteBackups (You can use any name that you would like for your backup destination in WHM.

: Name of the folder that was created to store the backups if any. If that is left blank, the root of the bucket will be used.

: Name of the bucket that was created that will store the backups.

Access Key ID and Secret Access Key 
: Those are both provided under the 'Show Access Key' section on your amazon security credentials page and in the file that is downloaded when going to the Security Credentials page. You can copy/paste that information from what is provided by Amazon.

: The time, in seconds, that the server will wait for a response from the remote Amazon server. The 30 second default will be sufficient for most backups, however that can be raised if you experience timeouts when uploading the backups.

5) Once those are filled out, click 'Save and Validate Destination'
6) If all of the information is added correctly, the backups page should show a message that says 'Success: Destination Saved'.

7) You should now be able to allow the backups to run and they should upload to your Amazon S3 account. You can use this command as root via ssh to force the backups to run - /usr/local/cpanel/bin/backup --force

8) You can check cPanel backup log file to see if backup is correctly working or not at this location :- /usr/local/cpanel/logs/cpbackup/
You can also use this command to verify that the backups are uploaded correctly - tail -f /usr/local/cpanel/logs/cpbackup_transporter.log

9) Log into your Amazon S3 account and verify that the backups were uploaded correctly by clicking the 'Services' button at the top left of your Amazon account, then selecting S3. That will take you to your file tree. From there, you click on the folder that you chose to store the backups in, which should contain the backups that were uploaded from the server.
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