How to Install or Uninstall EasyApache 4 on cPanel server?

EasyApache Software is included within your cPanel and WHM license which is very easy and useful to modify your web server. Currently, there are two EasyApache Software version are available in WHM "EasyApache 3" and "EasyApache 4".

As of cPanel version 11.52 EasyApache 4 was first implemented and this has now grown into a stable version. If you are planning to install cPanel on the new server then EasyApache 4 will now come as a default software.

Being a system administrator, why should I consider using EasyApache 4 on the server? Are there any advantages? (EasyApache 3 vs EasyApache 4)

Yes, of course! There are number of reason for which you should now consider using EasyApache 4.

1. FAST (Addition of new modules takes few seconds)
Comparing with EasyApache 3, EasyApache 4 is fast. As Addition of new modules using RPM's takes just few seconds. This facility wasn't present in EasyApache 3 that's why for addition of every new module, we need to recompile Apache and PHP which was time consuming.

2. Auto PHP and Apache update 
An operating system will automatically update PHP and Apache for you using EasyApache 4 as its RPM based.

3. Support to PHP Version 7 (PHP7)
There are lots of improvments available in PHP7 as compare with PHP5 which will surely increase your website's performance.

4. Support to Multi PHP Version
This is much awaited feature request of cPanel users and an introduction to EasyApache 4 has support to Multi PHP Version with Inheritance.

5. Easy Conversion from EasyApache 3 to EasyApache 4
Conversion is safe and easy to do using our simple command-line script, and the conversion process requires no additional work from you.

How to Install EasyApache 4 on cPanel server?

To install EasyApache 4, run the following command on the command line as the root user: 
/scripts/migrate_ea3_to_ea4 --run

How to uninstall EasyApache 4 on cPanel server?

To uninstall EasyApache 4, perform the following steps on the command line as the root user:
To revert to EasyApache 3 from EasyApache 4, run the following command:
/scripts/migrate_ea3_to_ea4 --revert --run

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