Disk Usage Useful Command

Note - You can replace /home with correct '/' drive on your server

1. Checking the disk usage - du -sch *

2. Checking the disk usage of hidden files - du -shc .??* *

3. Find error logs more than 250 MB on server -  find /home -name "error_log*" -size +250M -exec ls -hl {} \;

4. Find Backups more than 100 MB on server - /home -name "*backup" -size +100M -exec ls -lh {} \;

5. Find zip files on server - find -name "*.zip" | awk '{system ("du -sh "$1)}' ;

6.Find tar files on server -  find -name "*.tar" | awk '{system ("du -sh "$1)}' ;

7. Find tar.gz files on server - find -name "*.tar.gz" | awk '{system ("du -sh "$1)}' ;

8. Find zip and tar files on server - cd /home; ll | grep zip; ll | grep tar; 

9. Remove stuff from trash 2 days and older -  find /home/*/.trash/ -ctime +2 -type f -exec rm -fv {} \; 

10. Removing backups -

rm -rf */backup-*; 
rm -rf */application_backups; 
rm -rf */softaculous_backups;

11. Removing Error log - rm -f */public_html/error_log ;

12. Removing stderr.log - rm -f /usr/local/apache/logs/stderr.log.*

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