How to Re-arrange accounts in WHM?

Please go through the following steps on How to Re-arrange accounts in WHM

1. Go to WHM and arrange the accounts in ascending order of disk usage.
2. Select Account to be re arrange.
3. Disable cagefs for usename from WHM.
4. cd /home/username
5. mv .cagefs /root/cagefsusername
6 Then go back into WHM -> Account Functions -> Re-arrange account and select it.
7. Enable the user from cagefs 
8. rm -rf /root/cagefsusername
9. cagefsctl --force-update && cagefsctl --remount-all
Once rearrange is completed then you will receive output like this -
Moving /home/user_name_of_account to /home2/user_name_of_account 
Editing /etc/passwd entry
Editing /etc/proftpd/user_name_of_account entries 
Updating vhost includes Done Updating httpd.conf Editing proftpd.conf entry 
Updating webdisk configuration
Symlinking /home/user_name_of_account to /home2/user_name_of_account
Restarting Apache Move Complete!
That's it your Done! Smile
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