How to update MySQL password?

Steps to update the MySQL Password -

1. First stop MySQL service by following command.
    #service msyqld stop
   #service mysql stop

2. Then we need to start up MySQL in safe mode, so we will skip the privileges table:
   #mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables 

3. Now, Login with root:
   #mysql -uroot

4. Assign the DB that needs to be used:
   #use mysql;

5. Now all we have to do is reset your root password of the MySQL user and restart the MySQL service:
   update user set password=PASSWORD("YOURPASSWORDHERE") where User='root';
   flush privileges;
   quit and restart MySQL:

6. Now, start the MySQL
   #/etc/init.d/mysql start

7. Now, we are able to access MySQL by using reset password.
   #mysql -u root -p

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