How to enable Open SSL on WHM?

Before enabling open SSL, you can check whether it is already enabled on your server. Please fire below command to check it -
php -m | grep -i openssl

If output of above command is as below -
root@server[~]# php -m | grep -i openssl

It means that Open SSL is already enabled on your server. If the output is blank then it means that Open SSL is not enabled.  

Steps to enable the Open SSL -

You can opt to any of the below method for enabling the Open SSL -

1. Using command line that is using SSH,  fire below command -
    /scripts/easyapache --force

2. Using WHM -
  1. Login to WHM. 
  2. Follow WHM >> EasyApache 
  3. Select OpenSSL in the exhaustive options List for the PHP modules
  4. Recompile Apache
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