Error while accessing site with special characters. Update collation for database.

I was getting the error while acccessing the http://yourdomainname/collat.php as below -

Error while accessing site with special characters. Update collation for database.

Solution :-

1. Create one collation file in the user account with the ".php" extension. Eg. collat.php
Note : Create the file in public_html or any recommended script path.

2. Write following code in the file :

$db = mysql_connect('hostname','database_user','database_password');
if(!$db) echo "Cannot connect to the database - incorrect details";
mysql_select_db('database_name'); $result=mysql_query('show tables');
while($tables = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
foreach ($tables as $key => $value) {
mysql_query("ALTER TABLE $value COLLATE database_collation");
echo "The collation of your database has been successfully changed!";
Note : Replace the database name, username and password in the above code with the collation you wish to set.

3. Change the permission and ownership of the file -

> chmod 644 collat.php
> chown user.user collat.php

4. Save the file and run the URL as: http://yourdomainname/collat.php.
Once the file get run it will set collation for the database present in the collat.php file.

Note : It is only for single database at a time. For another database just delete the previous code from the collate.php file and change it to another database details and run the http://yourdomainname/collat.php

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