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How to reset WordPress admin password via command line

We can reset WordPress admin passwords via command line in cPanel server for domains. First, we need to find which Database is used by the domain for WordPress. You can find it via checking the Database name given in the file ‘wp-config.php’. Upon finding that, login to MySQL prompt. # mysql mysql> use databasename; where databasename is the database in which WordPress is installed. mysql> SELECT ID,user_login,user_pass FROM wp_users; +—-+————+————————————+ | ID | user_login | user_pass | +—-+————+————————————+ | 1 | admin | $P$B05GJOhuMCFlxtYsYjA8P/sX0svNw81 | mysql> UPDATE wp_users SET user_pass [...]


Issue related with WORDPRESS :: XMLRPC.PHP ATTACK!

WordPress is the most targeted CMS nowadays and needs to be updated regularly. Recently I have seen attacks on wordpress :: xmlrpc.php using POST requests and the attack is large enough to take down / freeze the server. The top or ps aufxw shows most of the xmlrpc.php requests as below : successroute4414 1.3 0.4 85512 35544 ? R 20:57 0:00 | \_ /usr/bin/php /home/successroute/public_html/wordpress/xmlrpc.php nobody 3876 0.0 0.1 25936 10852 ? S 20:52 0:00 \_ /usr/local/apache/bin/httpd -k start -DSSL successroute 4413 1.3 0.4 [...]