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Upgrading MySQL From 5.5.29 To 5.5.30 On DirectAdmin Server

Upgrading MySQL From 5.5.29 To 5.5.30 On Direct Admin Server I am not sure if the following error gets fixed by doing a MySQL upgrade to the latest version, But it did worked for us So you can give a try. [ERROR] /usr/sbin/mysqld: Sort aborted: Server shutdown in progress Problem appears with sites not being able to access database and some times later it starts working. TO fix the problem Just follow the simple steps provided below to upgrade mysql. Login into the [...]


Upgrade MySQL On Plesk CentOS Linux

We had successfully upgraded from MySQL 5.0 to MySQL 5.1.47 along with PHP on one of our Plesk server. Please use this solution if you notice any package conflicts, or other concerns with using 5.1 in your environment. Like PHP, this will be a full change to the newer packages and the 5.0 series will be retired. The procedure is quite simple 1.) wget -q -O – http://www.atomicorp.com/installers/atomic.sh | sh 2.)  To upgrade: yum –enablerepo=atomic-testing upgrade MySQL That’s it,  And if you simply [...]