How to Resize /tmp Partition


How to Resize /tmp Partition

Step by step instructions on how to resize /tmp partition on the server. This is required only when you have less space alloted for /tmp partition causing problems with webserver showing errors or mysql database connect errors.

Please follow the below procedure with commands specified to free some resources on /tmp partition.

First stop the following services on the server.

service chkservd stop
service httpd stop
service mysql stop
service postgresql stop

After all the services are stopped, Immediately try to unmount the tmp partition.

umount /tmp

If it’s still coming up busy and unable to mount, you need to find out what processes have files open on it. Run the given command to see the process list.

lsof | grep /tmp

You’ll need to kill off any processes listed with kill command. When you’re done, restart the services you killed and:

umount /var/tmp

umount /tmp

replace “256000” “512000” inside /scripts/securetmp file.

rm /usr/tmpDSK


cd /tmp

ln -s /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock

service postgresql start
service mysql start
service httpd start
service chkservd start

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