How To Install Grsecurity On CentOS 6.0?

How To Install Grsecurity On CentOS 6.0

How To Install Grsecurity On CentOS 6.0?

Ideal way to install Grsecurity on 32 bit CentOS is :  Just follow the steps given below.

Fetch the sources:

Download kernel from


Downlaod latest Grsecurity patch from below URL :


tar xjf linux-

Patch the kernel:

#cd linux-

#patch -p1 < ../grsecurity-2.2.2-

Now start making the kernel :

# make clean && make mrproper

Edit your kernel as per your need :

# make menuconfig

Compile your kernel and install it:

# make bzImage

# make modules

# make modules_install

Make sure it’s working ok with the help of following command :

# depmod

Installing and booting the new kernel :

# cp arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz-

There is also a file called “” that must be copied to the same boot directory.

# cp /boot

Do not forget to make changes in /etc/grub.conf

also go to grub prompt after this and fire below command :

# grub > savedefault –-default=0 –-once

Now reboot server :

#Shutdown -r now.


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