FTP Error “530 Valid Hostname Is Expected”


FTP Error “530 Valid Hostname Is Expected”

When connecting to IIS7 ( Internet Information Server – the default web server for windows servers ) using FTP you get the following error.

Response: 530 Valid hostname is expected.
Error: Could not connect to server


When you set up name-based FTP services IIS7 wants the site name defined with the username so that IIS7 can associate the username with the site they wish to log in to.

If you are having more than one FTP site on your VPS you will need to access FTP via following method.

Host: Mydomain.com
User: Mydomain.com|Username

Note the “|” that separates the Site name and the Username.

OR you remove the “Host Name” defined in the “Bindings” property of the FTP site.


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