Facts about Server Management Service Providers


Facts about Server Management Service Providers

Server management or managed service provider is in short a type of IT service company that allow users to outsource their servers, network and other hardware appliances under a delivery agreement between two parties. Most of the server providers provide managed services for their own server but some not, So you need to look for a third party provider. The third party provider owns the physical back-end infrastructure with adequate man power and provide resources to end users remotely with the help of high end internet lease line connections on demand basis.

In the past few years there has been dramatic increase in third party support providers with similar domain name, site contents and keywords, And you can see today there are dozens of so called server management service providers company offering services on various server platforms, control panels and some of the services which are not even in their scope. That’s true the need for outsourcing your server management job cannot be overlooked today because you need hardcore server experts namely called as “System Admins” or in other words an IT GEEK to manage your mission critical servers on daily basis. Managing a server is very skill job which requires good understanding about OS architecture, logical analysis of the problem, careful inspection about the issue and great amount of experience. All this comes when you really have talented engineers, Yes i agree the job is very difficult and demanding when it comes on offering server management services because the expectation level are very high and A “True” 24×7 Server Management company is the only one who can offer you this kind of service because they have the adequate resources to offer you this type of service. The Level of services should be top-notch and only well qualified and experienced administrators can achieve this. But you need to understand why i am emphasizing more on the keyword “True” 24×7 Company. In recent years especially in server management category many new companies have been introduced thus offering so called “24×7 support services”. The Webhosting Talk URL itself shows how the list is growing day by day ( https://www.webhostingtalk.com/wiki/Companies_providing_server_management ) So the first question comes in your mind is Are they really offering you 24×7 services ?

Here are some of the facts that you need to check before choosing the appropriate provider.

1.) Check company’s profile, where are they located and what infrastructure they have.
2.) Ask for Service Level Agreements and technical expertise they have.
3.) How long they are in business ? Most of them are not even in business but their sites are still active. Check the domain registration date from which you can identify how long they are in business.
4.) Its very important that you should know the team who is going to manage your servers, Ask for the team profile and what experience they have ? Are they internationally certified. Most of the providers are just one man company or part timers doing various other jobs.
5.) What security measures are in place to protect your data. And What is the vetting process for the admins ?
6.) Do they offer any trail period for their services.
7.) Ask for clients reviews, Most of them provide fake reviews just to attract users and convert them in sales. Search for actual reviews in WHT for your better.
8.) Is money back guarantee really being followed.

As a server management provider i have expressed my views to the end users who are looking to outsource their business but are not aware of the facts that they need to look out for. I have seen many clients which are confused and don’t know what’s right for their needs.

The Author is the owner of 24x7servermanagement.com, 24x7servermanagement.com is India’s leading server management provider equipped with a world-class technical support center. We provide technical support for Linux and Windows servers on control panels like cPanel, Plesk and SolusVM based virtualized servers. We are truly dedicated to provide the best server management services. We are the oldest and Largest server management service providers from India and have been actively doing business from last 7 years.

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