cPanel To DirectAdmin Migration Conversion Tool


cPanel To DirectAdmin Migration Conversion Tool

Its now quite easy to migrate accounts from cPanel to DirectAdmin using conversion tool

Before proceed,  First we will need to download conversion tool  and you can download it from here ::


1) Download and extract the version URL (from above) that you wish to use. (wget and tar xzf)

2) Create import and export directories for the tool to use. (mkdir import export)

3) Copy your cPanel user backups into the import directory.

4) Edit defaults.conf to match the DA server you will be restoring to. The only fields you must change are the IP and name server fields. The tool will not work if you fail to do this!

5) Execute perl and follow the on-screen instructions (which will duplicate the steps here to a degree).

6) After the tool is finished converting (or as it completes each individual user), move your new DA user backups from the export directory to any DA /home/RESELLER/user_backups directory*

7) Restore the DA user backups in DA’s reseller-level Manage User Backups tool.

You are done now 🙂

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