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The Importance of Logical Volume Management

LVM is a concept that is still debated at many IT forums and by computer enthusiasts worldwide, so throughout this post, we’re going to go over the concept, as well as analyze some other concepts like virtualization, Oracle monitoring, MySQL monitoring and database performance monitoring as well. Defining LVM: Logical Volume Management Definition When it comes to computer storage, Logical Volume Management is a method that allows for the allocation of space on devices that is far more versatile than the [...]


Best Linux server performance tools – top, atop and iotop

Monitoring server’s performance is today well known topic being discussed around the world and the idea behind monitoring server’s performance is to check the servers Stability, Performance Speed and Scalability. The information collected with various monitoring tools helps to identify and detect potential resource usage like CPU Usage, RAM usage and Disk I/O usage. Today i am going to show you some different and important Linux server performance tools like top, atop and iotop which are similar in many [...]


Microsoft SQL Server vs MySQL Server

Technology on the back-end side of computing has undergone a massive transformation over the last couple of years. This transformation has been a reflection of a similar trend in the front-end side. Server technologies in particular have completely come of age in the 21st century. In the recent past, there were not many options to choose from when it came to considering the type of server software that would be used in an organization. Today, however, software has really improved [...]


Comparison of CPanel vs Plesk vs DirectAdmin

cPanel A UNIX based web hosting control panel, that simplifies web we hosting through automation tools and consumer interface. CPanel has a capability to paintings as virtual private server or as a dedicated server. CPanel is brief for manage panel that is a software application mounted for your net hosts server to offer clean management of your server area and packages. CPanel simplifies many commonplace website administration obligations which include database, website report and e mail account management with an intuitive [...]


What is server virtualization ? Real Concepts explained

Server virtualization is an amazing process to understand. It remains the masking of server resources or links including processors, the identity and number of individual physical servers, and OSs from server users. The administrator will make use of software application in breaking down a physical server into several different virtual environments. The virtual environments are usually called VPSs. Nevertheless, they are as well called instances, guests, emulations or containers. There are 3 well-known strategies to server virtualization. This can [...]


Expert Tips for MySQL Server Optimization

Effective database optimization can help you to avoid many performance issues that can occur while administering or creating applications with MySQL Server. From the initial configuration of the server to the design of the database structure and population of tables, principles of database optimization should be carefully implemented. This article provides proven MySQL optimization techniques that you can use to improve the performance of your database and web applications. Optimize Database Server Hardware The projected size of the database and the [...]


What’s New In IIS 7.0?

So whats really new With IIS 7, Well it has more upgraded features from its pre-predecessor IIS 6 , is now integrated directly in IIS 7 and its performance has been improved. Integrated Pipeline Mode in IIS 7 allows you to integrate your own code as a module in the IIS pipeline. You can develop your own IIS module with managed code and allow it to act as part of the pipeline. IIS 7 ships with approximately 40 modules. IIS 7 [...]


Important Tips for Planning Your Server Migration

From time to time, it becomes crucial to relocate a website from one server to a more competent one. Server migration would be a simple and straightforward task if the two servers (both the old and the new server) utilize the same server management software for example cpanel to cpanel. Nevertheless, if they use diverse software it becomes difficult to migrate for example cpanel to plesk. There are several pitfalls that make the entire process stressful and time-consuming. Data loss [...]


The Thing – WordPress Security

No !! its not about John Carpenter’s 1982 horror movie  ( The Thing). But its about the horror things we terribly face with our wordpress websites getting infected and running malwares-spywares or sending outgoing port scanning attacks to remote networks. It’s not just about creating a professional website, I think its high time we understand what is more required for your wordpress website to prevent such attacks and doing the right things. Developing a wordpress site is very popular these [...]


Major differences between Windows server 2008R2 and 2012

         When compared to Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 makes optimum use of the power, resources while taking security factors into the consideration. Companies have already preferred virtual platform over a physical one when it comes to money. Windows Server 2012 delivers flexibility, scalability, availability to work with the virtualized environment. The article written below lists the prominent comparison factors for these 2 server operating systems. Hardware Specifications Maximum hardware specification with windows Server 2012 provides 4x more [...]